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Why Chiuin Raw Hair


Raw hair is hair that is collected from one donor and does not undergo processing in a factory. With our hair, we ensure that once the hair is cut off from the donor, the hair is cleaning and then put in bundles, packaged, and ready for delivery. This way, the cuticles from the hair flow neatly and in the same direction for the installation of the hair. With chiuin raw hair, you are guaranteed a hundred percent human hair since no addition of synthetic or processed hair is added during the packaging of the hair. We have put a lot of effort into grading and ensuring that our hair is strong and healthy. I am very happy that in the recent past, people have gradually mentioned raw hair. As a supplier from the world's largest hair exporting country. I am very familiar with this grade of hair. So let's talk about it.

Raw Hair Origin 

The world's largest hair export region is Asia, and the largest source of hair in Asia is the mountainous areas of Southeast China(Yunnan Province) and Southeast Asia. Of course, India is also one of the sources. Chiuin Hair has a factory based in China, but I purchase huge of hair from the Vietnamese hair trading market, Cambodian hair trading market, and Chinese hair trading market. I have been exposed to hair from different areas, all in all, in my opinion, Vietnamese hair, Cambodian hair, and Chinese Yunnan hair are strong and healthy which means it is easier to style and not easy to break and shedding. Every bundle of raw hair is single donor hair, and of course, it's 100% cuticle aligned hair. 


About Raw Hair Density

First of all, we must know that the hair density on the lace wig is expressed as density 130%, density 150%, density 200%, and so on. But the hair weave bundles usually call it drawn hair (single drawn hair), double drawn hair, and super double drawn hair.
Chiuin raw hair is known for its single drawn hair. For example a 24-inch single drawn raw hair, approximately 30% of the hair is 24 inches, while the remaining 70% is most likely to be about 20-22 inches. Double-drawn hair has approximately 60% of the hair as 24 inches, while the remaining 40% is most likely to be about 20-22 inches. With super double-drawn hair, you are guaranteed that 100% of the hair to be 24 inches.
Generally, all hair cut from a donor has an original density almost equal to single drawn hair. The hair factory will cut off the thinner hair at the bottom, so they will get a bundle of raw hair that is slightly thicker but shorter in length, and that's double drawn hair.

Super double drawn hair

It means totally of 100% of hairs are the same lengths in one 18inch bundle, The hair is thick and fullest from top to bottom. Um, Super double-drawn hair is only available in regular grade hair ( virgin hair ). WHY?  Virgin hair isn't single donor hair, it's cut from multiple donors, so when we processing virgin hair bundles we only need to choose all hair in same lengths and make it into one hair weave. BUT, super double drawn hair raw hair is just a concept, and it’s not real, because it is necessary to ensure that it cuts from one donor, but also to ensure that all length from top to bottom is the same length,  that's IMPOSSIBLE. No one in the world has natural hair like that.


About Raw Hair Pattern

Since Raw Hair hasn't been Chemically acid treatment, usually raw hair comes in three patterns, natural straight, natural wavy( looks like body wave in a loose status ), natural curly (looks like water wave ).
All kind of Asian raw hair almost come in these three patterns, different countries may have a little bit different,  for example, 80% of Chinese hair, Vietnamese hair, and Cambodian hair is natural straight and a little part is natural wavy. it's very hard to see raw hair from Southeast Asia with a natural curl pattern.
In fact, Indian hair can get more natural curl raw hair. There is no doubt that if you can only sell according to these three natural patterns, this is undoubtedly the limitation of raw hair.
BUT why do people buy raw hair, what is raw hair's advantage? The top quality, the stronger hair, the longer last, raw hair's existence is to allow us to do all kinds of hairstyle at will and can last a longer time, we can wearing raw hair like our own natural hair. THIS IS THE BIGGEST ADVANTAGE OF RAW HAIR !!!  Please feel free to style your raw hair. Top-quality hair only after using it can we know why it is more expensive than virgin hair.

Most people in the raw hair industry are not aware of the false advertising of hair. No false advertisements of our products are made this way; you are not connived into buying our hair, so you can get all the perks that come with owning our products. Our teams have taken significant precautions to ensure that all news about our products is authentic and reflects our products and their authenticity. Through our various reviews, you can see some of the experiences our previous customers have had with our products. This way, you can fully understand our products and what to expect once you purchase our products.
Chiuin raw hair has gone through various tests to ensure that the hair is used over a long period and does not waste. These tests ensure that you get to buy and keep your hair longer and in good shape. Chiuin raw hair has a return policy that allows you to return the product when you have received it and you are not satisfied with the quality of hair you have received. This way, you are not stuck with a product that you do not like just because you have acquired the product.
One of the main reasons you should consider buying from us is the assurance that you will come back the next time you are looking for good raw hair. With chiuin raw hair, we ensure our brand trustworthiness is our number one priority. We ensure that you think of chiuin raw hair because of its quality and durability whenever you think of any hair brand. We have many good reviews from our previous consumers who have set the bar high, and we assure you that you will love and appreciate our product once you begin engaging with us.
Pricing of any product is essential, and that is why at chiuin raw hair, we set ourselves aside from all our competitors by the prices of our hair. For raw hair, the prices are set to ensure that you can get your quality products at incredible prices and in good conditions. With chiuin raw hair, you are guaranteed the best prices. We hope that your experience with our products will be memorable and will be able to stand out from all other hair products.