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Chiuin Hair is a company that has focused on Raw Hair for the last 8 years. First, let’s take a look at Raw Hair. Raw Hair is unprocessed hair that is collected from single donor. The hair is extracted by cutting it from the donor and then wrapping it immediately to keep the cuticles intact and in the same direction. There is no term like “Industry Standard” in the Hair Industry. A Standard to name all kinds of grade hair, a Standard to mark hair origin for each PCS of hair. A standard to make sure consumers will not spend a lot of money but buy poor-quality hair.

The following characteristics are what we usually use to judge whether the hair is raw hair:

Raw Hair Origin

Countries that are the world’s largest raw hair exporters are Asian countries. Mountainous regions of Southeast China (Yunnan Province) and Southeast Asia have the largest origin of long hair. There are many hair-trading markets in the above area. For one to get to know the difference between raw hair and virgin hair it is wise to seek help from a local hair trader in those markets.

Many people fall into the swindles concerning hair origins. First, you need to know that Brazilian Hair, Malaysian Hair, and Peruvian Hair are not origins of raw hair. The real origins of raw hair include Indian Hair, Vietnamese Hair, Burmese Hair, Chinese Hair, and Cambodian Hair.

In our research, we found out that there are so many hair vendors on google from the countries of China, Vietnam, and India. Nevertheless, we got ZERO Brazilian vendors selling hair on google. This means that Brazil is not the origin of raw hair; actually, some Brazilian clients also purchase hair from us. 

Raw Hair Cuticle

Raw hair must be cuticle aligned hair and single donor hair. Just as shown by the images, one is supposed to keep the cuticles intact and in the same direction. This ensures that the cuticles are in the same direction, which is an important standard to judge raw hair. Well-kept raw hair is tangle-free.

The Characteristic of a well-kept raw hair cuticle is that it is smooth and tangle-free with the styling to a wave pattern or curly pattern. Raw hair cuticle alignment makes management of your hair even easier by using shampoo, hair conditioner, and drying it naturally. This can make your hair get smooth and soft repeatedly. It is also important to consider the life span of your raw hair cuticle. Since cuticles of raw hair are intact, your raw hair bundles can last 2-4 years, considering you do proper hair management practices during the usage.


It is important to understand that raw hair is not treated using chemicals or acids. In most cases, raw hair bundles come in three patterns, which include; natural straight, the natural wavy which looks like a body wave in a loose status, and the final pattern is the natural curly which looks like a water wave.

Note that most of the raw hair from Asian countries almost comes in these three patterns.However, you may notice slight differences in these Asian countries. For instance, you will notice that   80% of Chinese hair, Vietnamese hair, and Cambodian hair is always naturally straight and just little parts of the raw hair are naturally wavy. Normally it is always difficult to spot someone from Southeast Asia having raw hair that is naturally curly in its pattern.  The Indian people are the ones whose hair can get curlier naturally.

There is a misunderstanding

Normally if one wants to buy raw hair, they are available in styles and different patterns and they are sold out in the hair factory. I hear many people discussing on hair comes in different textures and argue that it should only be virgin hair. They also argue that all single donor hair should be in a natural pattern. Hair bundles should look like they are in their natural pattern and it can be called raw hair. The important thing to note as a client is that the factory’s process of making texture can make a texture that looks and appears very natural to clients. It is very easy for someone to make a virgin hair bundle and convert it to a natural wave and end up convincing clients that it is raw hair with its natural pattern. In conclusion, NOTE THAT A RAW HAIR OR VIRGIN HAIR IS TOTALLY NOT JUDGED BY THE TEXTURE OF THE HAIR!!!

How do you use it?

Undoubtedly, it is the limitation of raw hair if you can only sell according to these three natural patterns. Some people ask why would people buy these high-quality bundles of raw hair? And what advantage do they have doing so? The answer is simple, high-quality bundles are of top quality, they are stronger hair compared to others, and most importantly is that they last longer than low-quality ones.

It is also important to understand that top-quality hair allows us to do all kinds of textures and they will last well longer compare to others. Another advantage of top-quality hair is that when we wear them w always have confidence and feel free to wear top-quality weave like our own. THE MOST ADVANTAGE OF IT ALL!  In addition, please always feel free to style your weaving. We can only know the importance of top-quality hair after using it and we can finally know why it is more expensive than virgin hair.

Dyeability - Hot oil treatment

Normally the dyeability of the hair is always dependent on the donor from whom the raw hair was cut. It is important to understand the hot oil treatment before talking about dyeability. Generally, many people understand how important and common the hot oil treatment is. Using hot oil treatment, one can be able to their hair look fuller, shinier, and brighter than ever.

Just as the picture below shows, you realize that there is a huge difference between hair that has been treated using hot oil treatment and the one that has not. Typically, the core principle of hot oil treatment is always to make the hair scales open when they are subjected to high temperatures. When the scales open, the hair conditioner is infiltrated into the deep layers of the raw hair so that one can achieve the effect of repairing the hair. This process makes the natural hair looks good. However, through the hot oil treatment, there is always a great difference in the degrees of damage that are made to the hair scales, and it is important to note that this damage is permanent. We usually differentiate healthy hair from damaged hair using the following factors; an Intact cuticle, 80% cuticle, 60% cuticle, damaged cuticle, etc.

  Raw Hair VS Virgin Hair
  Raw Hair VS Virgin Hair
  Raw Hair VS Virgin Hair
Raw Hair VS Virgin Hair

As the reputation of using hair extensions keeps growing, many consumers of the hair extensions are becoming smarter and smarter regarding the type of hair they purchase. Many of them are well informed concerning the prices of the hair, their quality, and the variety. 

In the market, there are different types of hair extensions that customers can choose from. Some of the categories include wigs, bundles, raw hair, and even virgin hair. Whether you are a newbie or an expert on hair extensions, there are key fundamental points you need to understand about human hair weave extensions.

First, the amount of hair scale damage will always affect the dyeability of your hair. For instance, if you take a test about dyeability using a light color hair dye, you will notice that high-quality hair is easy to dye using a light color. This is because the hair scales of raw hair its intact cuticle. When high-quality hair is cut from donors to make the bundles should be intact cuticles this makes it last longer. When a donor’s hair is passed through hot oil treatment, it has not become raw hair fully. It is also important to remember the hair origin that we talked about in the above paragraph.

People that are living in the mountains regions of Yunnan Province, China, and Southeast Asia have never done hot oil treatment in their entire lives. Therefore I conclude that their hair has the best quality in the world.