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About Chiuin

Who am I ?
I am Freddy, Chiuin Hair founder. When I graduated from university in 2012, I didn’t go to interviews and work in big companies like other graduates. I realized if I had to succeed in life and do great things I had to persuade my dreams. That is when I realized that it was time for me to battle for my own company with my brand, and corporation. As of my hard work and commitment, I created Chiuin Hair.
At the beginning, I used to be a wholesale hair vendor on Alibaba. Just as thousands of hair merchants, use Alibaba to promote their products and sell hair. Most of Alibaba’shair merchants are located in most Asian countries including China, India, and Vietnam.
When demand rises, supply rises, and the market expands, it signifies competition has intensified. In today’s market, you realize that people are continually looking for new ways to sell their goods at a lower price, such as cutting expenses, developing scams, lowering profits, and slashing services.  If you are keen on the hair products in the market you will be able to identify that there are so many scams out there ready to cheat you and steal your money. I am convinced I don't like it anymore, therefore I'm leaving Alibaba and looking for a platform where I can communicate directly with my consumers.
Why Chiuin?

Authentic & Organically Sourced

When customers shopping hair, you should expect that the hair you purchase is organically sourced. During my years as a merchant vendor, I was real and sick of seeing con artists in the market who would exploit their customers by selling them Remy hair as raw hair.
I tired of 10A hair, 11A hair, 9A hair. last year 7A & 8A hair is popular, and then 9A & 10A is the protagonist this year, it will be 20A and 30A hair 5 years later, But hair is always the same. Nevertheless, my advice to clients is that one thing you need to understand is that market hair has always been the same all year round. There has been nothing new about it. YOU KNOW IT'S A HAIR SCAM NOW.
With over 8 years of experience in the raw hair market, I have to admit that I have interacted with all types of hair out there may it be Remy hair, virgin hair, raw hair, cuticle aligned hair, and so on. I know the details of each of them. With Chiuin Hair, I want to assure you that you will get quality raw hair as the quality process is always under my control and preserved. Chiuin Hair selling hair that contains no synthetic fibers, no hair with marks such as 8A 9A, and no hair scams at all. SINGLE DONOR HAIR WITH 100% CUTICLE ALIGNED AND ONLY RAW HAIR.



Quality Control

From the trending markets, we all know that the origin of one's hair is a hot issue. Every customer wants to be sure that they are buying hair from a particular origin as they believe it is the best. Well, that is OK, I need you to listen to what I have to say. This is the truth and the truth only. 
First, I need you to forget about Brazilian, Malaysian, Peruvian, and Mongolian hair for the time being, because Cambodian hair, Vietnamese hair, Burmese hair, Chinese hair, and Indian hair are the only real hair origins. Recently, I decided to take a visit to the Vietnamese hair trading market, the Cambodian hair trading market, and the Chinese hair trading market that I have always been familiar with, and all of the hair in the whole market presently selling is from these places. Because my impression of Indian temple hair is very mysterious, I didn't involve that area. 
According to the research I did, I believe that Southeast Asia and the southeastern highlands of China, in my view, have the nicest hair in the world. Some of the major advantages of this hair are that it is healthy, durable, tangle-free, unrefined, and the original excellent hair quality is well maintained. This is the hair that I sell in my “Raw Hair” category.

Customer Service 

From my experience in the hair industry, I have always known that our customers are our greatest asset. Without all of you, there is no Chiuin Hair. To all our esteem customers I want to say we love you and that is why I provide you with many articles/tutorials/opinions on hair media and social media platforms about the hair industry. 
My main aim is to make sure that you know the hair market first, and after that, I show you everything about Chiuin Hair, I want to do my best to make you fall in love with Chiuin before you buy. You will find that Chiuin Hair is an exceptional hair seller from China. Do not hesitate to contact me on my online store or social works. 
Whatsapp :  +86 13556377655     Text :  +1 (845)853-0398‬     Get in touch ! 



Fast shipment

I want to state that Chiuin Hair has a flexible and convenient transportation schedule that is always there for all our customers. From my good experience in the marketing industry, I know every order is a big deal, and I don't want you to wait long to get your Chiuin hair.
You can't see pre-sale or oversold prices on my website. Some wigs are made to order and some hair is usually processed in about 3-4 days. Additionally, the rest of hair orders will be shipped within 24 hours via DHL or FedEx. Please check our ORDER PROCESS POLICY / SHIPPING POLICY / RETURN POLICY for more details.