15 Sky-High Butterfly Braid Styles to Elevate Your Hairstyle Game: A Comprehensive Guide
By Freddy March 28th, 2024
15 Sky-High Butterfly Braid Styles to Elevate Your Hairstyle Game: A Comprehensive Guide


Butterfly braids have taken the world of hairstyling by storm, emerging as a popular and captivating trend that has captured the imagination of fashion-conscious individuals. These intricate braids embody a sense of grace and movement, akin to the fluttering wings of their namesake insect. They are characterized by their unique weaving technique that creates a visually stunning, three-dimensional effect, setting them apart from traditional braids.

The essence of hairstyling lies in versatility and creativity – the ability to transform ordinary tresses into extraordinary works of art. Adopting the "skyscraper strategy" in this context means not just replicating current styles but rather building upon them, innovating and enhancing to create hairstyles that soar above the rest. This approach encourages stylists and enthusiasts alike to explore new dimensions of personal expression through hair design.

In this comprehensive guide, we aim to exceed expectations set by existing resources on butterfly braids. Instead of merely showcasing a handful of styles, we present an extensive array of 13 (and more) distinct looks, each accompanied by step-by-step instructions. Our goal is to empower readers with the knowledge and inspiration necessary to recreate these styles at home or to use them as a foundation for creating their own unique interpretations. With a focus on detailed tutorials and creative combinations, our article ensures that anyone can elevate their hairstyle game and turn heads with their very own version of the mesmerizing butterfly braid.

The Art of Butterfly Braids - Basics & Variations

The butterfly braid is a unique and visually stunning braiding technique that has become increasingly popular in recent years. This intricate style gets its name from the way it appears to flutter like the wings of a butterfly, with sections of hair interwoven to create a dynamic and multidimensional look. Its origin can be traced back to various cultural hairstyles that have evolved over time, incorporating complex weaving patterns and modern styling techniques.

At the heart of this art form lies the feed-in braiding method. Unlike conventional braids where all hair is gathered together before braiding, the butterfly braid employs a gradual addition of small sections of hair as you braid down the length of the hair. This technique creates an illusion of depth and movement, giving the finished braid a lighter, more ethereal quality than traditional three-strand or French braids.

Comparatively, butterfly braids stand out due to their versatility and ability to create a sense of fluidity and grace. They differ from regular braids by virtue of their segmented construction, which allows for greater customization and creativity. Whether it's a subtle enhancement to natural tresses or a bold statement piece, butterfly braids are designed to make a lasting impression.

To help beginners get started, we'll highlight three easy-to-follow butterfly braid styles:

Single Side Butterfly Braid

Begin by creating an off-center parting and sectioning the hair into two parts. Using the feed-in technique, gradually add small strands of hair into the braid as you work your way down to the nape of your neck, leaving one side undone initially. Repeat the process on the opposite side and then join both braids together to complete the single butterfly braid.

Double Strand Butterfly Crown

Divide hair into two equal sections and start two parallel butterfly braids along the hairline, working towards the back of the head. As you braid, keep adding hair using the feed-in method, ensuring the braids sit close to each other. Secure the ends with a hair tie and wrap them around the crown area to form a beautiful, regal hairstyle.

Half-Up Half-Down

Create a partial updo with butterfly braids by starting at the temples and weaving two smaller butterfly braids that meet at the back of the head, leaving the remaining hair down in loose waves or curls. This hybrid style combines elegance with casual charm, perfect for those who want a touch of flair without going full-on formal.

Each of these beginner-friendly styles comes with detailed step-by-step instructions, including visual aids and tips to ensure a successful outcome even for novices. With patience and practice, anyone can master the art of butterfly braids and incorporate them into their everyday or special occasion looks.

Elevating Butterfly Braids with Unique Combinations

Fish Tail Butterfly

This innovative fusion style merges the delicate intricacy of a butterfly braid with the elegant and artistic flair of a fishtail braid. To create this look, start by parting your hair to the side and adding extensions as needed. On each section, make an off-center parting and weave a fishtail braid down towards the nape of your neck, ensuring that you incorporate strands in a way that mirrors the feed-in technique characteristic of butterfly braids. Once you reach the neck, join both fishtail braids together and continue braiding them as one fishtail until the very end. For an extra touch of sophistication, decorate the braids with lustrous pearl beads, which can be intertwined along the length of the braids or used to accentuate specific sections.

Chocolaty Brown Highlights 

If you're aiming for a fancy, sophisticated butterfly braid style, consider incorporating chocolaty brown highlights. Start by selecting high-quality, chocolate-toned braiding extensions that blend seamlessly with your natural hair color. Use the butterfly braid method, feeding in the highlighted extension pieces as you braid from the crown down to the nape. The result is a rich, multi-dimensional look that adds depth and visual interest to your hairstyle. You can also opt for chocolate-colored feed-in braids to tailor the style further to your preferences, ensuring it complements your skin tone and overall aesthetic.

Jumbo Statement Braid

For those who want to make a bold statement, the jumbo butterfly braid commands attention with its striking size and intricate design. Begin by parting your afro-textured hair sideways, creating two large sections up to the nape. Create thick braids on either side using the butterfly braid technique, allowing the natural volume and texture of your hair to shine through. When you've reached the neck, combine the two massive braids into one, forming a single, voluminous braid that cascades down to the desired length, possibly extended with hair extensions. Enhance this dramatic effect by adorning the braid with golden cuffs at intervals, giving it an element of opulence and undeniable glamour. This style not only showcases the beauty of natural afro hair but also turns heads with its grandiose presence, perfect for special occasions and events where you want to stand out.

Style-Specific Butterfly Braids for Special Occasions

Front Butterfly Braid

This captivating hairstyle is tailor-made for those with oval or long face shapes, offering a flattering frame that accentuates their features. To create this front-focused braid, begin by making a side parting close to the hairline and initiate a right-sided braid that gracefully covers your ear, braiding towards the front of the head. On the opposite side of the nape, form a left braid that continues as a single thick strand until it meets the end of your hair. For added allure and sparkle, incorporate golden rings onto each strand of the braid as you near the hairline, which will make your look pop and add an element of luxury. This style is particularly suitable for parties, weddings, and other informal ceremonies, ensuring you turn heads with your stunning butterfly braid.

Lace Wig Protective Style

For individuals seeking a protective hairstyle without sacrificing style, the lace wig technique provides an excellent solution. By installing a lace wig on your natural hair using a sew-in method, you can then incorporate butterfly braids closely along the hairline and extend them down to the opposite side for a complete butterfly braid appearance. This style not only protects your natural hair but also allows for creativity and versatility, especially beneficial for women with long faces who want to balance their facial structure with intricate and stylish braids. The use of braiding hair in both styles ensures a seamless blend between the wig and your own hair, creating a polished, sophisticated look perfect for special events or daily wear.

Flowery Accentuation

Transform your butterfly braids into a work of art for your next wedding or formal event by adorning them with fresh flowers and colorful accessories. Start by creating a long butterfly braid using high-length extensions and securing it with a rubber band at the base. Next, randomly place small violet flowers within the strands of your braid, weaving them gently through the weave to achieve a delicate floral touch. To complete this enchanting look, accessorize further with styling rings that complement the floral accents, enhancing the overall appeal and adding an air of romance and whimsy to your hairstyle. This flowery butterfly braid will not only captivate onlookers but also serve as a memorable statement piece, reflecting your unique sense of fashion and beauty.

Advanced Techniques & Bold Color Choices

Persian Red Braids

This striking hair color choice highlights the audacity of vibrant hues in the realm of butterfly braids. The use of Persian red, a rich and intense shade reminiscent of ancient tapestries and oriental allure, can completely transform a simple braid pattern into a statement-making masterpiece. When incorporated into butterfly braids, the color's vibrancy is further emphasized by the multidimensional nature of the braid style, creating a mesmerizing visual impact. To maintain such bold color, it is essential to discuss proper care and upkeep, which includes using color-safe products, regular touch-ups, and shielding hair from excessive sun exposure. Pairing Persian red braids with neutral or complementary clothing and accessories allows for a harmonious balance between the bold hair and overall ensemble.

Two-tone Cornrow Fusion

 For a contemporary twist on traditional cornrows, consider merging them into a center butterfly braid design using a two-tone coloring technique. This innovative approach involves dividing the hair into sections and alternating between two contrasting colors, such as black and blonde, caramel and chocolate, or even neon shades against a dark base. As the cornrows converge at the crown, they form a focal point where the butterfly braid emerges, showcasing an intricate weave that blends both colors seamlessly. The dual-toned effect adds depth and dimension, making this style perfect for those who want to make a strong fashion statement or stand out at events and gatherings.

Ombre Weaving Magic

Butterfly braids take on a whole new life when colored with ombre effects. Ombre coloring introduces a gradient shift from one hue to another, usually darker roots transitioning to lighter ends, allowing for a seamless transition within each strand of the braid. In butterfly braids, the ombre look accentuates the layered texture, giving the impression of movement and lightness. Finishing touches might include slightly pulling out some strands near the tips to emphasize the fade or incorporating metallic or glittery accents that complement the color palette. This dual-tone effect not only brings a sense of modernity but also elongates the face shape and adds volume to the hair, making it ideal for various face shapes and lengths, as well as for formal and casual occasions alike.

Innovative Braided Looks

Fierce Cornrows Center Butterfly 

This distinctive hairstyle merges the boldness of cornrows with the elegance of a butterfly braid, creating a truly powerful statement piece. To achieve this look, begin by sectioning your hair into a triangular partition at the crown, leaving more hair in the center for a thick central braid. Start forming traditional cornrows on either side of the triangle, making sure to weave them close to the scalp and gradually feed-in additional hair as you work towards the apex. At the center point, incorporate all braids together to craft a voluminous butterfly braid that stands out as the focal point of the style. The resulting design showcases intricate detail while maintaining a fierce and commanding presence.

Side Part Jumbo Braids

For young girls and teens looking to maintain a stylish yet age-appropriate appearance, side part jumbo braids are an excellent choice. Begin by creating a deep side part, then use large sections of hair to create big, chunky braids using the butterfly braid technique. To keep the look natural and youthful, opt for extensions that match your hair color for feed-in braids. Enhance the beauty of these jumbo braids by randomly adding golden cuffs along the strands, which not only adds a touch of glamour but also ensures the braids stay secure and well-defined. This look is perfect for school events, parties, or everyday wear, allowing girls to express their personal style while keeping their hair healthy and protected.

Curved Parting Converse Butterfly

A creative spin on the classic butterfly braid, the curved parting converse butterfly braid deviates from the traditional straight parting lines. Start by crafting a curved parting that contours your hairline, providing both visual interest and added protection against tension and breakage. Proceed to braid each section separately, following the curvature of the parting until you reach the nape of your neck. In this unique variation, instead of braiding both sides equally, continue one braid down to its full length, while taking a longer strand from the other side to join the shorter braid, creating a harmonious blend of lengths and shapes. This innovative approach results in a beautifully asymmetrical braid that not only draws attention but also maintains the delicate balance and fluttery essence of a butterfly braid, showcasing a true masterpiece of hairstyling artistry.


In our comprehensive exploration of the fascinating world of butterfly braids, we have unveiled a rich tapestry of styles that cater to a variety of tastes and occasions. From the basic principles of creating these intricate braids using feed-in techniques, to the sophisticated fusion with fishtail patterns adorned with pearl beads, and the bold use of color in Persian Red Braids or two-tone cornrow designs, this collection showcases the versatility and creativity inherent in the art of hairstyling.

We've also highlighted the protective and aesthetic benefits of incorporating butterfly braids into lace wigs and protective styles, perfect for those seeking stylish yet gentle hair care options. The addition of fresh flowers and colorful accessories, as well as the dramatic impact of jumbo butterfly braids with golden cuffs, underscores the potential for personal expression through these hairstyles.

Our discussion has extended to innovative approaches such as the fierce center cornrow butterfly braid, side part jumbo braids, and the unique curved parting converse butterfly design, each demonstrating the endless possibilities when it comes to reinventing traditional braiding techniques.

To conclude, we encourage every individual to embrace their own version of the butterfly braid revolution by experimenting with these diverse styles and personalizing them to suit their individuality. Whether you are a beginner looking to learn new skills or an experienced stylist searching for fresh inspiration, the world of butterfly braids invites you to play, create, and share your creations with the wider community.

Don't hesitate to join the #ButterflyBraidsRevolution by snapping pictures of your own stunning butterfly braid transformations and sharing your experiences online. This call-to-action is not just about showcasing your beautiful hairdos; it's about fostering a supportive and creative environment where everyone can celebrate the beauty and ingenuity found within the realm of butterfly braids.


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